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Series G-Lakeshore SF (Feb 28-Mar 13)

2nd seed remaining vs 3rd seed remaining (vs 4th seed remaining) (all of E and losers of OMHA QTR Finals)

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Whitby Wildcats White421150.625980.5292-1-1TIED 1
2North Durham Warriors421150.6251190.5502-1-1TIED 1
3Whitchurch-Stouffville Clippers413020.25010130.4351-3-0LOST 1
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
LMB-AE-G1Mar 025:15 PMWhitby White3-2North DurhamUxbridge (2)
LMB-AE-G6Mar 033:30 PMWhitby White2-1Whitchurch-StouffvilleStouffville (Pad A)
LMB-AE-G5Mar 056:00 PMNorth Durham3-2Whitchurch-StouffvilleStouffville Clippers (CC1)
LMB-AE-G4Mar 087:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville4-3Whitby WhiteIPSC (5)
LMB-AE-G2Mar 096:30 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville3-5North DurhamUxbridge (1)
LMB-AE-G3Mar 108:00 PMNorth Durham1-1Whitby WhiteIPSC (3)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
LMB-AE-E4Feb 166:45 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers1-3Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (4)
LMB-AE-E6Feb 206:00 PMWhitby Wildcats White5-2Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
LMB-AE-E3Feb 216:45 PMPickering Panthers A20-10Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (2)
LMB-AE-E5Feb 235:00 PMPickering Panthers A22-2Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
LMB-AE-E2Feb 243:30 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers4-2Pickering Panthers A2Don Beer (3)
LMB-AE-E1Feb 267:00 PMWhitby Wildcats White6-1Pickering Panthers A2Don Beer (3)
LMB-AE-G1Mar 025:15 PMWhitby Wildcats White3-2North Durham WarriorsUxbridge (2)
LMB-AE-G6Mar 033:30 PMWhitby Wildcats White2-1Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
LMB-AE-F1Mar 047:15 PMPickering Panthers A20-7Peterborough PetesEvinrude (Atom)
LMB-AE-G5Mar 056:00 PMNorth Durham Warriors3-2Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
LMB-AE-F2Mar 056:45 PMPeterborough Petes7-1Pickering Panthers A2Don Beer (1)
LMB-AE-G4Mar 087:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers4-3Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (5)
LMB-AE-F3Mar 087:15 PMPickering Panthers A23-4Peterborough PetesEvinrude (Atom)
LMB-AE-G2Mar 096:30 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers3-5North Durham WarriorsUxbridge (1)
LMB-AE-G3Mar 108:00 PMNorth Durham Warriors1-1Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (3)
LMB-AE-H1Mar 164:30 PMWhitby Wildcats White4-1Peterborough PetesEvinrude (IGA)
LMB-AE-H2Mar 173:15 PMPeterborough Petes2-0Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (4)
LMB-AE-H3Mar 218:00 PMWhitby Wildcats White6-4Peterborough PetesKinsmen (PCCHL)
LMB-AE-H4Mar 233:00 PMPeterborough Petes4-0Whitby Wildcats WhiteIPSC (3)
LMB-AE-H5Mar 243:15 PMWhitby Wildcats White0-9Peterborough PetesEvinrude (Atom)
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