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Jan 23, 2020 | Jeff Snyder | 2534 views
OMHA Playdown RR Tie Break Rules
The following is the OMHA Round Robin Tie Break Rule for the RR Preliminary Rounds only.  This comes directly from the OMHA Manual of Operations.

OMHA Manual of Operations Pages 149-150


i)  Round Robin Preliminaries series.

i)  Round robin games may be used in preliminary or opening round series for seeding or advancing one (1) or more teams to the next round.

ii)  Round Robin series will be a Home and Home format.

iii)  Any round robin series shall be decided on a point system, two (2) points for the win, one (1) point for a tie.

iv)  If at the conclusion of a round robin series there is not a defined winner an additional game will be played to determine the winner. The game shall be hosted by the center with:

(a)  the winner of the round robin game between the two (2) tied teams has Home Ice.

(b) the team with the most wins in Round Robin gains Home Ice.

(c) if any teams are still tied after (a) and (b) have been applied, then the team with the best goal average gains the Home Ice. The goal average of a team is to be determined in the following manner:

Total number of goals for divided by the total number of goals (for and against).  Note: Only the tied teams’ head to head scores will be used and if tied then all round robin games scores will be used.  Example For = 10  Against = 4  Percentage 10 / (10+4) = .714  Note: The higher percentage (1.0 being the highest attainable) gains Home Ice. 

(d) if three (3) teams or more are tied, the teams tied will use (c) to determine the two (2) teams playing in a tie breaker game, the team with the best goal average will determine Home Ice and the team with the second highest goal average will be Visitors.